Interactive Negotiation Tool

full Context: Bogdan & Van Broeck was commissioned to undertake a feasibility study for a large scale mixed-use development in the centre of Brussels. The future development was to be formulated as a PPP (public-private partnership).

Problem: The assignment particulars called for the involvement of a wide number of actors: The Flemish Government (Vlaamse Overheid), real estate developers and urban policy makers. The stakeholders did not speak the same language and did not share the same interests.

Approach: A “dj mixer” that will allow intuitive control of relevant parameters, provide users with direct feedback regarding choices and be relevant to all stakeholder groups, regardless of their background.

Consequently, I developed a tool that articulates information by tying together the parameters relevant to the major stakeholders, revealing in an unbiased way the compromises involved in the project.

Application usage video.


Information Architecture, Interactive Financial Simulation, Stakeholder Management

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