Interactive Property Manager

full The Flemish Government asked for a study towards the development of a property management system that would allow for a integrated decision making process.

The existing situation did not allow for a collaborative approach to analysing and understanding the dynamics of the asset portfolio. This resulted in a fragmented decision making process.

Our approach was to propose a system that would allow for management cohesion by creating an environment that would integrate financial modelling logic with architectural and planning constraints.

The key required system capabilities would be:

  • interactive real time overview
  • policy simulations
  • future projection of current situations

Proposed application architecture:

Overview of the system backend, and what parameters and functional logic it would need to integrate.

The Interactive Property Planning system would enable the interactive exploration of various scenarios regarding the management of the V.O.’s “hardware” assets.

Furthermore, it would offer a general overview on the current status of the V.O.’s assets and serve as a simulation testbed for various management decisions or policy changes.

full policy simulation, property management, study

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